How do I place a panel order?

We build panels to customer specification. You provide details on what you want and we take it from there. Each panel will have complete schematics and layout drawings that we use to build the panel and check it for accuracy. For the parts required to build the panel, you can either provide them to us or we can purchase them on your behalf. These arrangements can be made at time of order. Call us at 602-437-1606 or send an email to

What if I don’t have drawings?

If you need engineering or CAD services, we can provide those for you through our partners at Kredit Automation & Controls, Inc.


508 Shop is a distributor of Mencom products and has access to many other parts commonly used in control panel production. We can purchase a few or all of the parts required for your panel. If it’s only parts you need, we can do that too. Call 602-437-1606 to order.


508 Shop can provide custom industrial engraved labels per your specifications. We carry stock of standard colors but can special order many different materials and colors.

Custom Engraving Order Form
If you're interested in custom engraving, simply fill out the form below with your preferences, and we will contact you to complete your order.

Stock Tags

QTY Tag Type Adhesive Backing Two 1/8” holes Price each Text to be engraved
1” x 3” Plastic, black with white letters  yes  yes $4.00
1” x 3” Plastic, white with black letters  yes  yes $4.00
1” x 3” Plastic, yellow with black letters  yes  yes $4.00

Custom Tags Prices on custom tags vary. We'll contact you to go over pricing.

QTY Tag Size, Type, Color Adhesive Backing Two 1/8” holes Text to be engraved
 yes  yes
 yes  yes
 yes  yes

Delivery Options

 yes no

Pick up at 252 S. El Dorado Circle, Mesa, AZ 85202